Equipment Equipment C.P.R. toolbox Never leave home without it! 59491137 Sony digital voice recorders Top Row: Three ICD-B5s, Two ICD-B7s, ICD-B10 Middle Row: Six ICD-B16s Bottom Row: ICD-P17, ICD-B26, Two ICD-B300s, ICD-BX112, ICD-PX820 204775991 Panasonic digital voice recorders Top Row: Three RR-QR80s, RRQR200 (supposedly this model has the same circuit board and microphone as the RR-DR60) Bottom Row: RR-QR240, RR-US320, RR-US380 204775984 More Panasonic digital voice recorders A Japanese verion of the RR-QR80 and a RR-QR-100 (like the RR-QR200, it also supposedly has the same circuit board as the RR-DR60) 205537406 Olympus digital voice recorders Top row: DW90, VN-1800, two WS-100s, WS-600S Bottom Row: VN-3100, VN-3100PC, VN-4100PC, VN-3200PC, WS-852 204859343 RCA digital voice recorders Top row: RP 5007A, RP 5010A, RP 5012A, RP 5011A Bottom row: RP 5022B, two RP 5032As, VR5320R-B 204776052 Optimus Digital Recorders Two Optimus DR 100 digital recorders 205435858 Zoom H2 digital recorder A great recorder that I generally set up in a hot location to record an entire investigation. 182089481 Coultous Box This is #50 built by Mark Coultous. An amazing box to say the least. It is now CPR's main spirit communication radio. I have a link to Mark's Facebook page on the links page if you're interested in getting one of these jewels. 205537405 Radio Shack "Shack Hacks" Most of the time I'll use the black AM/FM model, which is the 12-587, the most coveted of the 'shack hacks' because the later models are difficult to hack. This model yields the best results when doing 'portal sessions'. 182089479 SB7 Spirit Box Another 'spirit' that CPR uses. I have this original model along with a new model (it's pictured in the Portal photo) 182089478 Sagean DT-200X Good little spirit box, it's best used in FM, only complaint I have with it is that it scans really fast. 205480295 SBox Ghost Box Bought this jewel from and it's trial run was very successful! I'm really liking this device and it even has a built in evp recorder! 205460666 Spirit Box "Portal" This Steve Huff inspired build really brings ITC to the next level. Have had some amazing results using it along with an SB-7 and a 'shack hack' spirit box. 204630658 PX Spirit Talk & Ovilus 3 Made by Digital Dowsing, these 2 ITC devices can have surprising results. I occasionally run them in tandem and I've found they sometimes work better that way. 205460688 Various EMF meters Top row: Mel Meter (Mel-8704R-REM) Ghost Meter and Ghost Meter Pro Bottom row: GM3120 ER Tester, E.L.F. Zone meter, K2 with digital recorder imput jack mod for ITC 204806042 Meterk EMF and temp meter I have a Mel Meter, which does what this meter does and more, but it's always good to have a back up or an extra meter for someone to use. 205496506 360 Parascope by Paranologies This device visually follows static electricity fields HORIZONTALLY, allowing you to be informed of the direction the field is traveling. The Parascope is a Triboelectricity meter meaning it detects different voltages of static electricity. 204898659 Parascope by Paranologies This device visually follows static electricity fields VERTICALLY, allowing you to be informed of the direction the field is traveling. This model of the Parascope is the original design, and like the 360 Parascope, it's also a Triboelectricity meter, meaning it detects different voltages of static electricity. 204954811 Red Energy Field Meter Red Energy Field Meter by Paratronics. Works like a REM pod but more affordable, plus this has a tone generator (music) mode. Also comes with a cable with an alligator clip to attach to metal objects such as a pizza pan that you can place a trigger object on and it will give alerts when something touches the trigger object. 204915321 Clowers ITC Rem Pod 'E Pod' Manufactured by Clowers-ITC. It features a very sensitive high gain circuit. Has a positive antenna input that will detect the differential voltage (negative electrical charges or static) in the air. The stronger the differential voltage, the louder the audible alarm sounds. 204885080 Paratronics Shadow Detector Pro Made by Paratronics, this device not only detects shadows, it also can be used as a motion detector. 205480308 Electrascope (aka The Parabug) Made by the folks over at the electroscope can follow static fields that may be traveling to pinpoint where the energy is coming from. 205500716 Seek Reveal XR Thermal Imaging Camera Latest addition to the equipment arsenal, will be using it on upcoming investigations. I hope to be posting some great evidence that this thermal camera will hopefully capture. 204732197 Canon SX130 powers shots One is converted to take full spectrum photos 182348711 Bell & Howell and Olympus The Bell & Howell is converted to take full spectrum and infrared and the Olympus will take deep infrared photos 182348712 Spectercam w/IR Lights Full Spectrum HD Camcorder 149445715 SVP Full Spectrum HD Camcorder With bracket and IR light 149445713 Sony CCD-TRV99 & CCD-TRV65 with IR boosters and tripods (not shown) 182089480 Sony Handicam w/nightshot and with tripod (not shown) 58514438 Moultrie Infrared GameCam 50 ft infrared range 61480328 Visual Ambient Temperature Sensor 2 ambient Probes that are constantly comparing the difference in temperature. Picks up changes in the ambient air temperature and displays the change using a Blue light for cooler drops, and a Red light for the area warming up. Good for putting in a dark room with a video camera trained on it. 183581688 The Ghost Touch 2 Can be used to hook to trigger objects as long as they're made of a metal. 182348715 Paracorder 667 ION/ Electrostatic detector, plus it has a small built in EM pump to use during EVP sessions. The two wires coming from the top of the unit join together about 10 inches out. 110478736 WNG Em Pump Pro by Paratronics No Motors to contaminate evp sessions, Paratronics uses a strong coil system 100mg EM Rating White Noise Generator that is converted to EM field for better evps. An awesome EM pump with no motors that hum or vibrate during evps, or noise. 204898661 Super EM Pump If you use EM pumps on your investigations, I suggest looking up rspen4462 on eBay and finding one of these pumps that he builds and sells. I've used several different EM pumps over the years, and this is hands down the best that I've brought along on an investigation. It puts out so much EM that it will blank out a Mel Meter because it's putting out over 20k mg! You can adjust it's speed and it even has a tripod mount on the bottom. 204639617 Laser Grid This is set up to make a grid on a wall or the end of hall, then a video camera is set up beside it to record any movements in the grid 182089474 Parabolic Microphone This device gets a lot of use when we do outdoor investigations. 204900063 infrared temp gun reads surface temps, not ambient temps 182348714 Room Guardian Motion Detectors These are great motion detectors, they pick up not only movement, but pressure changes in a room also. 183581689 Infrared Motion Detectors Great for setting up in a room with a video camera trained on them. 59688589 Dowsing Rods Great for finding more than just water in the ground! If you know how to use them, they can be used to pick up spiritual energy. 74680372 Sound Decibel Meter Can be used during EVP sessions to see in any changes in decibel readings can be picked up in between questions. 205517775 Five In One Meter This little gem gives reading of Humidity, Ambient Temp, Sound Level, Light Level and it's also an electrical multimeter! 60798786