Cenla Paranormal Research

Paranormal Investigations in Central Louisiana


      EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)- are voices or sounds found on electronic recordings that were not present or heard during the recording process. EVP is generally captured with a digital voice recorder or analog tape recorder.

     ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication)- is the two way communication with spirits that can occur when using devices such as the P-SB7 Spirit Box or special modified radios like one of the many "Shack Hacks" that are available.

     If possible, please use headphones when listening to these recordings. If you don't have  decent speakers, you may not be able to hear a few of them very well or even hear them at all. The reason that some of the clips get louder during the answer part of the recording is because I've purposely enhanced the volume to help make out what is being said.

Portal Session with Shack Hack-Private Residence Pearland, TX 11/21/17-I'm at my sister's residence and when I asked "Can you say the name of anyone in this house?" at about 15 seconds into this clip you can hear a female say "your sister". 


Portal Session with Shack Hack-Private Business 11/17/17- I ask "Do you want me to turn this thing off" and soon after a female voice says "Turn it off". It's almost at the end and I have it slightly amplified above the rest of the clip. Besides the "Turn it off" at the end, you can hear other things being said throughout the clip.

Shack Hack Session-Private Business 8/18/13- As I say 'Amen' at the end of The Lord's Prayer,  a voice immediately says "Amen" then a few seconds later another "Amen" can be heard .


Shack Hack Session-Private Business 2/1/10-I ask "Do you know my name?" and a voice quickly says, "Matt" 


Shack Hack Session-Private Business 2/1/10-I ask "What's my new dog's name" and two different females a few seconds apart say his name, "Rocky"
Shack Hack Session-King House 1/4/10-I ask, "What's your favorite car?" One voice quickly replies "Jeep" and a second voice replies "Ford"


Shack Hack Session-King House 1/4/10- I ask, "Is there someone in here with us right now?" and a female voice quickly says, "me"


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 12/16/09-We were close to the old Icehouse location and I asked if someone could say "Mel Meter" to get a response like I received at the old Hospital site, and a very fast "Mel Meter" can be heard and then a robotic sounding voice says "Mel Meter" at the very end of the clip.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 12/16/09-Near the old Icehouse location. Melanie asks "Do you like to go swimming" and a voice quickly replies "Swimming"


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 12/16/09-Near the old Icehouse location. I say "Goodbye" and a voice responds with a "Goodbye"


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09-Voice says his age is 41. This was recorded at the hospital site.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09-A voice says "Chevy" when I asked if they like Chevys or Fords.

Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09 -Voice repeats the word "mel-meter" This was also recorded at the hospital site. He sounds to have a German accent. There were German P.O.W.s held at Camp Livingston during the war, and some died there.

Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09-Voice says "Leave" when I ask if they want us to leave or stay.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09-After I said that we were going to leave if they weren't going to talk, we are told to "Take a walk" two times for sure and maybe a third time in between the two definite times it's said. 


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/18/09-Told yet again to "Take a walk" after saying we were about to leave.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/7/09-When asked if they hang out at the Water Plant, a female responds, "I do"


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/7/09-A voice says my name and then another says my name immediately afterwards. You can't really hear the second one in this normal speed clip, so I've included a slowed down version as well.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/7/09-This is the slowed down version of the two voices saying my name.


Shack Hack Session-Camp Livingston 11/7/09-After I say goodbye, 2 different voices say "Bye" then a third says "Goodnight"

Private Business 3/11/09- Voice says "Matt Nugent"
Private Residence 2/3/08  Child saying "I Love You" (you have to really listen close and have your volume up, but it's there) If you can listen with headphones, you will definitely hear it.


Private Business 1/29/08  Voice says "I Never Leave"
Private Business 11/07 Voice saying "1947" This was the first EVP recording I ever captured. I was using a microcassette recorder and then it was later transferred to a digital recorder, therefore, it suffered some serious sound quality loss.