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    Welcome to the Cenla Paranormal Research website. Please have a look around and see what the site has to offer, which isn't too much at the moment.  There is an EVP & ITC soundclip page that has older clips posted from spirit box and 'portal device' sessions. 


     (8/3/23During the server change from Vistaprint to Wix, one of those guys somehow between them, lost all of the photos that I had posted up on the site over the years. Sadly, I have no backups because my backups were destroyed in the house fire of 2021. 

     (11/19/22) Cenla Paranormal Research is now back doing investigations after a break that needed to be taken after the house fire in October of 2021. If you have a haunting or a suspected haunting, please contact me at 318-312-8424 so we can discuss lining up an investigation.


     UPDATED: August 3, 2023


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