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     First and foremost, we will NEVER charge for an investigation...EVER.

       (11/12/22)  Quick update- CPR is now back taking on cases! The 'post-house fire hiatus' is over and I'm ready to get CPR busy again. 

        On October 20th, 2021, there was a devastating fire at my home and almost everything in the house was destroyed including alot of my paranormal equipment. As a result of this fire, CPR was forced to go on a hiatus of sorts, but I've recently been getting the crucial pieces of equipment replaced, so the hiatus can now be declared 'over'.

        Cenla Paranormal Research was formed in November of 2007 and is based out of Pollock, Louisiana. We are here to help anyone who thinks that they may have paranormal activity occurring in their home or business, by gathering evidence to verify or debunk a haunting. Some of the evidence that we capture may be posted on this website, but ONLY with the homeowner or business owner's permission. We will always respect your privacy and we ensure complete confidentiality.  

        Cenla Paranormal Research is not limited to the Central Louisiana area and will travel anywhere within reason of  our location if we feel that the situation is genuine and our help is deemed necessary.


Cenla Paranormal Research (C.P.R.)

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